Septemeber 2018 LINKS

September a month when RAJONTV.COM celebrates its birthday. Last year in september RAJONTV web site was launched and the first LINKS article was about September 2017. Thanks for staying with us and supporting the site!

While the whole skate world was shaken by Dime Glory Challenge, the Baltic skate community was shaken poked by Rajon Around The Block 2018 skate contest. It was all pretty much directed by the Mastermind Fricis Štrauss, the guys with all the good ideas. It was wild day, big s/o to all of the skaters and of course Fricis and also Deda for making all of the enders that day. read more

August Links “Unreal, un-fucking real”

Cover: Aleksandr Tubin, Photo by 42010dept. VIDEO PART IN THE END OF THE POST! 

Summer is over, and as the first September days pass some of us already feel that sense of regret. “I could have skated more” says your inner lazy bones skater, or, “I could have filmed more” says your inner skater who still hopes to film that mega video part. What ever the case, if you blew you blew it hard, as this year summer was the hottest summer in ages. And if you had some plans than this summer was the best time to make them happen. read more

July LINKS “This Guy is addicted”

Fricis Štrauss – Bs Powerslide/Photo – Antti Sinitsyn

Summer is almost over and some of its biggest highlights have passed us faster than the brave hearts who dared to challenge biggest downhill in Estonia. According to anonymous Estonian skate experts, it was indeed the biggest downhill they have ever seen in their country. We are talking about that hill in Viljandi that presumably 3 to 6 people bombed during Viljandi Bash weekend. Aleksandr Tubin aka Friendly Satan bombed it powerslide free and in the dark.  Obviously the footage doesn’t give this monster justice. But it is a steep hill with bunch of turns, cracks, cars etc. Check out Fricis take on the spot as he might be the first one to do it? At least the first one we saw do it on Sunday morning before the contest. read more

June Links

Cover Photo: Kelvinas Litvinas by Rūstusis Brokolis
Words: Edvard Gaba

Links got lost in the hype. The weather in May was so good, and the swimming season was opened way before it normally is. Not much time to write posts during that time, but yeah links are back. We will try to sum up very important  Baltic skate scene events that happened recently.

June started with a wave of inspirational stuff. Thanks to Madars Apse, who brought his pro skater homies to our forgotten land. His crew, consisting of Josef Scott Jatta, Nick Garcia, Gosha Konyshev and Pat Duffy, went loose around Latvia visiting cities, and skating street. Madars also organized a session at Ventspills water park. The last spot was in Riga at Latvian National Library. Locals went crazy and destroyed the library rail.  Full report is coming some time soon. read more