Hope you all are having the time of your lives this summer. As for Riga Barax community days are spent enjoying the spot while it is still there. According to  rumors it is the last summer when Barax is around. Business people in suits plan to build a serious office building on that territory. All we can do is hope they will fail. 

Straight forward podcast’s latest episode is with the notorious Edgars Berziņš. The talk is 18+.

Vans Latvian skate league had a third event in Ventspils. They had some Swedish rippers over which was pretty cool. The last 4th event is planned for September.

Speaking of Ventspils, it seems that our homie Karlis started filming some edits there.

If you are interested in new Latvian talents then definitely follow Artis Strazdiņš and Edijs Plume. These two kids are the most promising newcomers we had a pleasure of meeting recently.  Cesis represent.

Saldus Saldie is also constatly skating and making edits. It is always good to see Andis Vanadziņš on home turf too.

Upperground crew made a new edit called Orange. They are Barona plaza’s new wave skater gang. Bunch of clips from Kristofers Ozols in it as well.

Skate Tuber Ronalds Mazitis made a little edit from the fresh Imanta skatepark. If you haven’t been there yet, then this vid can give you an impression of what it is like to skate there. The bowl section in this park is the best one yet. If you go there during the day then the bowl is ony thing you can skate with a minimum distraction. The rest of the park clears up around 21 – 22. 

The highlight of July for the Euro scene as well as the majority of Riga core community was the mind-boggling HELride event in Helsinki. Our athletes made the cut and took two medals in the final day Koff Race. Madars took gold and Fricis Štrauss took bronze. All those Death races over at G-tiim finally start to pay off.  HELride recap article coming soon!

We posted a VX clip of Rain Lendeman earlier and couple days later another clip from the same filmer came out. Similar as the Rain’s clip, this one is also filmed in 2016/2017 by Ranno Sootla. This time it is a mix of familiar Tallinn heads Enric, Egbert, Art, Kristo and others. Really cool edit with spots from Barcelona, Tallinn, Tartu maybe something else. Same crew had a mobile footy edit too, which looks like a more recent material. Shit goes down.

To finish July Links here is a night edit from Vilnius. 14 Skateshop and Fully Ghetto doing their thing when the city looks the best.


Last night was fun!Antiz Skateboards|www.14skateshop.com

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Stay safe everybody!

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