Is it ok to skate monuments?

This week we look into skateboarding on monuments and attempt to answer the question, “Is it ok to skate them?” We invited Kārlis Bogustovs on the show as he has experience in negation with sculptors and city planners. Also, as long-time skater, Kārlis has skated the majority of Riga’s monuments. The main issues raised are: what drives our decisions to skate certain monuments and not skate other ones? Should we even bother worrying about monuments and simply treat them as another skate spot? 

The topic is certainly not an easy one. Is there one ethical principle that determines whether to skate or not to skate a monument? Is it based on whether we believe in what the monument represents? Does the location of the monument play a role or the opinion of the sculptor?   

We definitely just touched the tip of the iceberg here, yet it is a decent start for this conversation. Share you opinions in the comments and enjoy the episode. 

DISCLAIMER: “Niklāvs asks for forgivness about the podcast being late, and no disrespect to slappies and wallies”

 Show Notes:
Red Bull – Skate Arcade 2013
Angelo’s edit 
Karlis Kickflip at Kalpaks
Kelvinas Bs 360 at Kalpaks
Karlis’ web site

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