April turned out a really solid month. We’ve seen some street edits from all Baltic states. It always makes compiling top 10s easier and more pleasant. Shout out to all the Baltic folks.

Also, we put some clips from our own edit in this top. NBD. But if you are not gonna hype your self up, who else is gonna do it, right?  

Hope you guys are having a good time out and it is not snowing.


INTRO: Linards – super slam
10. Emils Vetra – insta clip
9. Jaan Suits and Romario Simmer – insta clip from Tartu
8. Domantas Antanavičius – FullyGhetto – MURDA 
7. Linards Viksniņš – RajonTV GHOSTS 
6. Kristo Õismets – insta clip
5. Deividas Barkauskas – FullyGhetto – MURDA
4. Denis – insta clip
3. Enric Jo – insta clip
2. Fricis Štrauss – RajonTV GHOSTS
1. Kelvinas Litvinas – again by Grant Dawson


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