Fully Ghetto video premiere in Riga

fully ghetto

Despite being ghetto, the Fully Ghetto crew showed some pretty good organisational skills and managed to come over to Riga in full cast for the premiere of their latest video. „Needle in the Heist” is more than just a funky video title; there is an idea behind it which shows the attitude these guys have towards their craft: they are quite serious about it. So serious they came to Riga to show it, which is the first time in recent, maybe whole, Baltic skate history when a video gets outside the home country for a premiere. Which is a positive change in our clicky scenes. Instead of keeping it all to themselves they came here hosted a best trick session at G-tiim (shout out to Valera), showed their film and partied with us till the morning. And this is just the beginning of this tradition; it will continue! More Baltic contests, premieres and collaborations. We are so small we need to unite and make it together! So thank you Fully Ghetto for bringing good mood to Riga!   read more


Photos by Aivo Jeez
Words by Ed Gaba

Skate contests can be boring, skate contests can be too serious, and sometimes they are in the middle where fun and good times meet, where sporty attitude steps aside and party kicks in. For us Viljandi Bash was something like that. An action packed two-day contest that brought together all of the Baltics as well as Finnish crowd. It felt more like a festival rather than a contest! There was always something to do, some extra activities to get your tipsy body to. On Friday Viljandi Bash opened with a game of skate, which took place on a street next to a pre-party club. That game of skate alone was a perfectly fine reason to visit Viljandi that weekend. read more