Maxlas Upgrade

Not really news. It has been two weeks and countless news reports since the opening ceremony. But here we are.

The best takeaway from this is that Kārlis won! He did the impossible and he is our hero!!!

Kārlis you rule brother! Keep it going.

Personally all of this reminded me of Barax a bit and what Kārlis did there.

Remember when Kārlis Bogustovs built a huge box in Barax? Or that narrow glass “quarter”? The times there were simple, and Karlis along with the spot locals could build whatever they wanted.

Back in Barax anything was possible.

But who could of thought that the same mentality would work in the world outside Barax? Well, skaters are a bit nuts, so why not give it a shot.

On 6th of September, we witnessed that it can work. Somehow after spending three years on getting permissions from countless bureaucratic bodies, it all worked out. Latvian National Museum of arts, or Maxlas, has more stuff to skate now, and in a way became Barax 2.0. Anything was possible in Barax. And now it seems anything is possible everywhere.

Imagine how much time a person needs to invests into skating to do fs rocks like this first try. I guess three years of fighting bureaucracy is nothing after that.
Big new box.
Everyone was well fed by the master chef IZI KCHN and for free
Kārlis, Māra Lace the director of the Museum, Mayor of Riga Martiņš Staķis and Madars

Was a bit surreal to see the mayor of Riga giving a speech to skateboarders. You grow up with everyone not taking skating seriously, and then, all of a sudden, people like the mayor of your city is stocked on skating. Also, it a ll boils down to the fact that we are all just humans. Bunch of humans who make decisions and stuff happens.

Another hero of ours
Regular dude from PLA hood, Lews Be
Dox Dox Dox Paradox
Scientist Max doing a backside D
Var vienu old schooliņu?
The path to a mans heart lies throw his stomach

And that’s a wrap. Go skate! Buy Karlis a hotdog. Or something nice. Or just tell him that he’s the man when you see him.



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