VISS TAISNI Riga Premiere

Straightforward skateboards presented their video “Viss Taisni” last Sunday at Lokal house. Though it was breezy, the video played under the open night sky on the signature inflatable screen. The papa of Straightforward Mr. Armandos kept things interesting once again, and organized a high ollie contest before the prem. The previous high ollie record belonged to Karlis Bogustovs, 92 cm. Everyone expected Niklavs to beat the record, and to no surprise he did it setting the record to 93,5 cm.

The premiere turned out great. Again as in previous prems Rob warmed up the crowd with his flick, “R, Vision” and then it went straight to “Viss Taisni”. The friendly Lokal house neighbors called the police and the half of the video was played with a low audio. Still was really special. Thank you Straightforward for good events this year.

This was the last premiere for Viss Taisni as it is dropping online tomorrow.

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