RAJONTV NEWS: Pis Taisnāk! Premiere

Making skate videos is never done to win a game, to win a gold medal, or to beat a fellow skateboarder. Probably people with that kind of mentality rarely make it till the premiere day. Making a video is hard and if you are not in it for the love of the process, you won’t make it till the end. You got to love that shit to pull through; it has to mean something to you. That’s why people who make vids are exceptional passionate lunatics deserve respect. Thanks to their work we have these little time capsules that can remind us of rad days once had.

Besides reminding, most of us, about those good old days, the night of Pis Taisnak! premiere became such a day it self.

The crowd is in

Small KKC cinema has never seen such an overload of viewers. The cinema, originally designed to fit in 30 people had something close to 70 – 80 maybe. This serves as hint to get a bigger venue next time.

Graņa and Chapo
Nauris and Edgars VonKalns! The Liepaja Mafia
Probably telling us to Fuck Off
Rob all dressed up. Rare sight.
Best day ever!

If making videos (legit full-length videos with parts, editing and good music) was easy, we would have premieres every month. However, we have got the opposite: one premiere a year at best. Premieres are great events where we meet friends, have a drink and talk about skate videos. And this was exactly what we did at Pis Taisnak! premiere. Check out the recap below and go make a video with your friends! Enjoy.

Watch the full Pis Taisnak! video

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