Around The Block 2020

Started the day in the center of Ogre and finished in an abandoned building on the outskirts of the city. Around the Block was a success indeed.

Ghetto Games RECAP

This year Ghetto Games fest didn’t include skateboarding. The budget was cut at a last-minute, and we didn’t have the same action like years before. For instance last year we had tons of cool people visiting us: a huge Finnish delegation, Baltic homies, Belarusians and even some pros from Brazil (still trying to figure out what were they doing here).  And this year the whole skate budget was redirected to something else, probably basketball or something like that. Anyway, homies didn’t want to cancel the annual trip to Ventspils, and a no budget contest was organised in the street BMX park on a rough asphalt.  Big up to Tikari skateshop and Krishjanis Kalvnas for making it happen. Here is an awesome video recap. read more