Niks’ Picnic Table

Once the dominant skate park in Riga, Griziņkalns still attracts skateboarding  to its territory from time to time. Last year, Riga skaters attempted to bring skateboarding back to Griziņkalns, and this year, precisely last Saturday, Griziņš invited skaters to throw a small contest as a part of a bigger charity event. Karlis Bogustovs provided his glass sculptures, Spot center got some boxes and kickers, and Riga Skateborda Skola gave skate lessons to the kids. Vans as always had the prices covered. The cherry on the top was a picnic table, made by Niks Kolosovskis. Like a metaphor for Latvian skateboarding, the table is small and DIY. Niks plans to build a bigger one in the future, but for everyone who wants to hit it, the table is in Griziņkalns. 

Photos by the talented Nauris Dollins

Niklavs 180 nosegrind in a tribute to Deda. FFS 180!
Karlis – crooks on glass that might have a been a window in some important establishment back in a day
Not a day passes by. Karlis – Melon to Fakie. Signature move on his signature spot.
Dropping in on the first day is a new thing these days
Happy People


BTW: Boss of LNB new episode, coming tomorrow! 

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