Miskastes Jam part 2

Last Friday marked our second Trash Can Jam (latv. Miskastes Jam). It was mellow, it was fun. The main question I got from one OG skater who missed the event was whether anybody switch 360 flipped the can. The answer’s “no” or “not yet”. Latvian collective switch 360 flip skills are only getting there. Next year!!! Also, our naïve and youthful nature can be seen in the repetition of tricks. There were minimum two heelflips landed, definitely two hardflips and three people were backside flipping the darn thing. With one of them landing perfect within 10 tries, another one not landing at all but slamming in identical ways all session, and the last one breaking his board and landing survival mode with a homies board. That just shows what people are here for, not notoriety, status or money 😀 but just to land whatever they can over the can.

Shout out to supporters: Tikari, Monster Energy, Eco Baltia, and Spot Center for hosting.

P.s. We are working on RajonTV Awards now. Keep your eyes open for announcements etc.

Last Year’s Trash Can Jam event

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