Isolator Madness

Cover Photo: Herbe

Isolator Madness was the biggest skate event last year, at least in terms of emotions and intensity. There was an actual crowd cheering throughout the whole event (which is kind of rare these days), it seemed like a ton of people of all ages participated, and bands were jamming long after the skating was over. The tricks that went down like Anton’s crook nollie inward heel out on a burning hubba, and Fricis’ fs 270 lipslide on the hubba threw me back in childhood a bit, when tricks seemed nothing less than magic. The work that LSK put into this was incredible. Isolator Madness is Latvian skateboarding embodied. Well, definitely its mad side.   

Isolator Madness 2 is right around the corner, so make sure to experience this whole thing first hand. 18th of MARCH!!!

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