#RAJONTOP10 – WINTER 2022/2023

Almost a year has passed since the last episode of RajonTV Top10. No one was complaining much about the absence, except the now-absent meme page. So yeah, joke’s on you meme page! Top 10’s back, and where are you at? 

Anyway, we have a slightly new concept now. This year we will try to make TOP10 seasonal. We’ll have Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn Top 10s. In this way we plan to raise the quality of clips and all that. We’ll see how it’ll turn out. In this episode, we focus on Winter 2022 – 2023. Yes, winter is still on, but officially winter months are over, so stuff that went down in the period from December to February is in this (there’s some clips from a vid that came out in November, but it’s indoors, so who cares). Hope you guys enjoy. Peace!

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Intro – Roberts Krums IG clip
10. Artis Strazdiņš – NEW ERA by Big Mac (Riga)
9. Siim Sild – IG clip (Tartu)
8. Mark Voronenko – YT shorts 😀 (filmed by Edgars Bezriņš) (Riga)
7. Ruta – Takeover by Big Mac (Riga)
6. Ralfs – NEW ERA by Big Mac (Riga)
5. Juris Ozo – Takeover by Big Mac (Riga)
4. Janis Puga – IG clip (Riga)
3. Devin Talanov – IG clip (Klaipeda)
2. Andris Kaldvee – Passa by Rainer Kaur (Estonia) – not sure where is this indoor at.
1. Roberts Potašs – IG clip (Riga)

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