May 2019 Links

Mark Voronenko Wallie North / Shot by Nauris Dollins

Viss Safe – our upcoming video has been announced in May and the premiere is coming in June. The first trailer is out, and if you still haven’t seen it, check it out. The cast of the film has not yet been disclosed, but it is probably obvious if you follow the local skate scene. We can say that Mark, the walling construction worker above, will have a section in the video. The video is at the editing stage at the moment, but it looks like it will be close to 40 minutes in length. So yeah, a lot of to see. We also plan more premieres, definitely want to hit Liepaja, Vilnius and maybe Tallinn. We’ll see. read more


Round two of the game of skate championship is here! Tunnel™ enthusiast Roberts Krums is playing against a man of thousand words — Emils Metlans. The guys were the only brave contestants who wanted to play in the Tunnel™, other refused or just didn’t show up. No one blames them, as Tunnel™ is not the most chill place to skate. However, back in the day dudes used to skate in this Tunnel™ every winter, and they were lucky. Others had wait for -10° because then you were sure it was dry outside. Times were rough unlike nowadays! read more