Going on a tour third year in a row has taught us a bunch of lessons. You basically know what is going to happen before the tour starts. No crystal ball needed, it’s easy.  First, someone, obviously, will get good tricks during the tour. We can even, sort of, predict who it will be. Yes, yes we are looking at you Tuna. On the contrary, someone is going to get exactly zero clips. All eye are on you Hugo :D. Second, someone will slam super hard. From what we have learned in previous years, the slam man is probably going to be Kaspars Polis (which he was but we didn’t put the slam in the vid. Was too gruesome). Third, as the friends of the tour are Monster energy, someone will also jug Monster more than water. Damn. Looking at you Kam. And the last but not least, some members of the crew will engage in some sort of tension. Yes, we had that, hence the name Tension in Zemgale, and we are looking at … well let’s not name any names :).  

Even though you know what is going to happen, you still need to go on a tour to find out the details. Like, what that sick trick will be, will the gnarly slam end up in hospitalization, or what will the cause of that ‘friendly’ tension be. Another thing we certainly can’t guess without going on a skate tour, is the tour’s catch phrase. The crew will most certainly coin a catch phrase that will be uttered at any convenient and not so convenient moment. It is a phrase that is naturally and unanimously selected by the crew. And, usually, it is not too bright. 

In the end of the day, going on a skate tour is one of the toughest yet most pleasant experiences a skateboarder can have. Peep more about our adventures in our “Tension in Zemgale” photo zine (available here), get inspired and go on your own skate tour with your mates. 

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Produced by Arturs Nesaule Video by Edvards Gaba Filmed by Edvards Gaba, Roberts Krums, Rudolfs Rorbahs, Linda Lindenberga


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