“Streeting Around” by Saldus Saldie

It is rare that a teenage skate crew would stick deep into 30+ dimension, espicially in Latvia. But here we are. Saldus Saldie been around for a while and today they present their recent street edit with an appropriate title: “Streeting Around”. More about the vid from Kaspars Polis.

We started shooting the film about three years ago. We thought that we should finally show that we can also do something in the streets. We’ve filmed videos before, but mostly it’s more skatepark footy than streets. We didn’t have a camera either, and nobody was really ready to film. Filming the film was not the easiest challenge. Adult life, one lives in one city, the other in another, and the rest in other countries.  We tried to film as much as possible when we met together, which was not that often. The film itself was filmed as much as possible outside of Riga, because we wanted to travel around Latvia and beyond. We were a bit tired of Riga spots seen in every video, so this decision (we couldn’t do without Riga spots either). We went on small trips to Rēzekni, Vilnius, Berlin, Pāvilosta, etc. We got to visit the cities of Latvia quite a bit, which was a good bonus. The basic idea of the film was to film a long video, each with its own part and have a good time. For various reasons, we came to the conclusion that we will still release a relatively short and compact video, but plus or minus we are satisfied with the outcome. There is enough material that maybe one of us will skip a part after this film. There is no special story about the name of the film, Ansis put together a video, the name of the film was not invented yet, then it just happened that he named that way. The film stars Ansis Rīters, Andis Vanadziņš, Kaspars Polis and Gints Frinde.

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