Bunch of Latvian skaters got the biggest exposure in their lives when Madars mentioned them on the Nine club. Does it mean we are getting on a next level of Latvian skateboarding? Does it mean Kelly Hart will follow any of the guys mentioned at least for the fact that their names sounded cool? Will they check the latest Rajon vid on the nine club?

I don’t know the answers to these questions, nor I think it matters. What does matter is that April top ten is here and it is sick. It was hard to decide how to order the clips because all clips this month were good.

Peace and go skate!

Original Clips
Inrto – Nine Club with Madars Apse [Youtube link] 10. Arturs Paugurs – Barcelona [instagram link] 9. Gintaras – Vilnius [Fully Ghetto – Ghetto Jungle] 8. Devin Talanov – Kaunas [instagram clip] 7. Dovydas – Vilnius [Fully Ghetto – Ghetto Jungle] 6. Kristofers Ozols – London [Youtube Edit] 5. Emilia Stoka – Barcelona [instagram clip] 4. Deividas Barkauskas – [Fully Ghetto – Ghetto Jungle] 3. Marks Voronenko -Riga [instagram clip] 2. Kelvinas Litvinas – London [instagram clip] 1. Domantas Antanavicius – [Fully Ghetto – Ghetto Jungle]

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