Upcoming event: Season Opener

On 30th of April Latvian Skateboarders Collective (Latvijas Skeitbordistu Kolektīvs – LSK) is organizing a joint event with Tikari Skateshop and RajonTV. The event is going to involves VEF DIY skate jam + video screenings and RAJONTV Awards ceremony at Lokal house. Briefly about the day’s program bellow.

12:00 VEF DIY Clean up Jam with Tikari

Tikari skateshops starts the day with a skate jam at Vef DIY. The plan is to clean up the spot first, and then go off with a best trick, best line and a deathrace challenges.

Tikari is going to give out a bunch of prizes from Independent, Creature, Santa Cruz, Straight Forward and RajonTV. Yes, some of our new gear.

Brilliant IZI KCHN, as always, will take care of your food cravings.

Don’t want to spoil too much but there’s a rumor that a legendary Latvian competition announcer might bless this event with his fabulous yelling. More info coming soon.

20:00 LOKAL House RAJONTV Awards

We’ll hand out some awards to Latvian skaters for their contribution to our scene in 2021. Don’t want to spoil too much but we are going to announce our SOTY pick for 2021 and more.

Also, we are planning to show two videos that have been in the works in the past few years. Stay tuned for teasers and more info.

To end the night, our mate Armands Sakne is organizing a music jam. Anybody who can play can grab an instrument and bust some tunes in open jam format. No need to explain how this all is going to end.

See you all there!

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