I clearly remember three years ago skating in Gtiims in April and early May because it was always raining. This year April is so hot we are catching tan and fully skating outside filming street clips. It is definitely global warming; however,  at least we are going to die after enjoying good weather.

For this month top 10 we finally gathered only street clips from our Baltic friends. Okay, in two clips skaters use some skatepark obstacles, but they skate them in the streets, or end up in the street after skating them (it will be clearer after watching). read more

Project-C full video

Project-C, a video about an Estonia skate gang going to China, is finally online! We talked about the video and the trip with Kristijan, and we went to the premiere in Viljandi, and now the video is here for our viewing pleasure. We can analyse it, pause, rewind and nerd the fuck out as much aswe want. The video features the likes of Siim Sild (the author of the video, and the guy who shotguns beers left and right (which we back 100%) ) , Kristo “Kusti” Õismets, Samuel Oja , Silver Jõesaar (the guy who did bs noseblunts back in the day), Kristjan Prik and Toomas Seppänen (the guy who didn’t land the laser flip (only that day)). Congrats to the crew for making it back alive and for making this awesome video!  Enjoy! read more