Trying to avoid indoor clips at all cost, we managed to prepare February top with exclusively street tricks. It wasn’t that hard to be honest, as we had plenty of video releases this month. 4 vids in one month. A winter month! Baltic skateboarding video production is getting to the next level and 2020 looks tight, so far.

Winter is almost over! See you all outside soon.

Spoiler/ Original clips
10. Inguna Skujiņa – Clockwise Daugavpils video
9. Niklavs Vetra – Clockwise Daugavpils video
8. Gustas Butkus – Paris x Vilnius
7. Egbert Pahhomov – KAIFUUN
6. Tanel Kulla – KAIFUUN
5. Fricis Štrauss – Clockwise Daugavpils video
4. Siim Sild – KAIFUUN
3. Aleksandr Hlabov – KAIFUUN
2. Silver Jõesaar – KAIFUUN
1. Arturs Nesaule – Arturs Nesaule Part

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