RAJONTV NEWS: Season Opener

Exactly a year ago VEF DIY was facing complete destruction. Land lords wanted the place out to build a parking lot. This made skateboarders get together and think of ways how to safe the DIY. Thus Latvijas Skeitbordistu Kolektivs or LSK (eng. Latvian Skateboarders Collective) was born. Now, a year later, we already see some fruits of labor.  VEF DIY is still here in new colors and is ready to host events.  

So, on 30th of April (which according to insta stories was the exact same day they started to demolish VEF in 2021) LSK in collab with Tikari Skateshop hosted a Season Opener event which included a clean up and a skate jam with a few disciplines. And yeah, it was sick 😀

Amazing photos by Nauris Dollins 

Matiss Grockis nosestall revert on the central quarter
Our man Siim Sild the admin of @kaifuun.network drove to Riga to ss blunt the quarter.
Of course Fricis had to come up with some out of the box stuff. He happened to have a saw with him, so he cut this branch and made a ledge out of it. All during the event. Fricis being Fricis.
Marcis and Kalns to the rescue!
I repeat: Marcis WON the RAT RACE!
1st PLACE B****
Drink Mangali water. It rules.
Rudzitis or SOTY 2005 blasting a nollie bigspin for 2PAC during best trick
Karlis bonoless noseblunt pull in on a new extension
That Tum Yum was amazing! Thank you IZI KCHN
Linda got a prize!
Matiss got a prize too and couldn’t believe it. Most Rookie award
Boga got most tech. What a surprise.
Also, surprisingly Karlis got the most gnar. Some things never change do they.
The most up-to-date gang
That’s all folks!

Thank you for coming and thank you to LSK and Tikari Skateshop for making this event happen. Special shout out to Mangali water and IZI KCNH for keeping us fed and hydrated.

See you in the streets!

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