Cover photo by: Aivo Liinsoo @aivojeez

For this year’s Go Skate Day RajonTV went to Estonia to skate in Tallinn’s rad Metsakooli DIY park. The plan was to film a regular RajonTV reportage with funny interviews and cringy moments. It started pretty well, we met a bunch of cool locals, we learned that Skateboarding day is like Mothers day (you don’t need it, but it is good to have anyway) and that Latvians have six toes.  We also had a lot of “Oh yeah this is a great event. We are having a good time!” and “Let’s get it!” moments. Also free beer at the event messed with our neurotransmitters making a simple task of talking seem complex. Long story short the interviews turned out rather dull and boring.

Nevertheless, we manged to have a conversation with Samuel Oja, one of the builders of the Metsakooli DIY. Samu told a bit about how they started and how it went from illigal to lagal.

P.s. On the Estonian note:

Make sure you don’t miss Viljandi Bash which is coming next weekend. More info on the official website. We are also stocked to announce that we will screen Viss Safe video on Saturday at the afterparty. See you there.


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