Working on Viss Safe in May and early June we couldn’t squeez a May top 10 vid. There were even a contender for number one place, but it didn’t work out. Anyway June has already passed and top 10 is back in full mode. June 2019 is over and it is pretty clear where most action happens in Riga.

Spoiler/ Original clips
Intro – Horse Water Enterprise
10. Rudolfs Henčels Barix line
9. Kelvinas Litvinas line at Kudirka with some good energy
8. Arts Amoliņš – Blunt to fakie during Go Skate Day
7. Leon Ruppert – Nollie hardflip
6. Armands Baumanis – Fakie Shove-it barrier
5. Gints Frinde – Curved 50 (a park clip indeed, won’t happen again)
4. Mikk Eeskivi – line at Seb plaza
3. Romario Simmer – Stair line
2. Kristofers Ozols – taildrop
1. Miks Grantiņš – Nollie back heel. Although it’s an ABD, you should not restrict yourself from enjoying a good nollie bs heel.


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