August Links “Unreal, un-fucking real”

Cover: Aleksandr Tubin, Photo by 42010dept. VIDEO PART IN THE END OF THE POST! 

Summer is over, and as the first September days pass some of us already feel that sense of regret. “I could have skated more” says your inner lazy bones skater, or, “I could have filmed more” says your inner skater who still hopes to film that mega video part. What ever the case, if you blew you blew it hard, as this year summer was the hottest summer in ages. And if you had some plans than this summer was the best time to make them happen. read more

Project-C full video

Project-C, a video about an Estonia skate gang going to China, is finally online! We talked about the video and the trip with Kristijan, and we went to the premiere in Viljandi, and now the video is here for our viewing pleasure. We can analyse it, pause, rewind and nerd the fuck out as much aswe want. The video features the likes of Siim Sild (the author of the video, and the guy who shotguns beers left and right (which we back 100%) ) , Kristo “Kusti” Õismets, Samuel Oja , Silver Jõesaar (the guy who did bs noseblunts back in the day), Kristjan Prik and Toomas Seppänen (the guy who didn’t land the laser flip (only that day)). Congrats to the crew for making it back alive and for making this awesome video!  Enjoy! read more