Pernova tapes: Pärnu Keskus

Parnu is only two hours up north from Riga and has a bunch of cool stuff to offer. We have been there a few times and even gave a section in Viss Safe to the city’s key skate enthusiast, Meelis Erm. Along with constantly skating in front the camera, Meelis was a driving force behind some of the videos that came from Parnu. Equipped with a fisheye, his MiniDV camcorder captured his lucky homies. Why lucky? Well, for a small Estonian beach town, Parnu concentrates quite an assortment of smooth, bust-free spots. For a better illustration of that, refer to the Pernova Tapes above. The first episode concentrates Parnu Keskus, a plaza around a shopping mall with all these wooden benches.

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