Video Premiere: PERNOVA 2

Pernova 2 is a new video straight from Parnu, Estonia. Featuring local rippers skating local spots. Guys skate it all: plazas, which are surprisingly really considering Parnu is a small city; shitty spots, which are pretty obvious for a small city; and even the boarwalks on the beach, which prove that creativity thrieves in Parnu. The city of Parnu is not a big, however, the scene there is live and kicking with roomies Meelis Erm and Mikk Eeskivi keeping it exciting and funky. If you ever in Parnu hit these guys up and go skate with them. For now let’s enjoy the video.

Siim Volkmann
Sander Stimmer
Edvard Gaba
Mikk Eeskivi
Meelis Erm
Marko Padernik

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