#RAJONTOP10 – MAY 2020

Hey, everybody! It looks like things have gotten back to normal around the Baltics. Estonian homies are not only skating outside, but even celebrate birthdays in public skateparks in groups that look like big contest groups. This must be the most anti quarantine thing in recent times. Even the footage is not DIY tripod selfie, there’s a real filmer! Cheers Rainer!

In Lithuania dudes are working to get SOTY 2020. Keep it up! In the meantime, Vilnius descendant Kelvinas is getting better every minute leaving us speculate about which UK brand is going to hook him up first.

Also, Fully Ghetto (FG) homies have dropped a some new merchandise: boards, bags, some pool shaped ashtrays, you know, the regular stuff. We are working on mini article with the FG guys right now, so stay tuned.

In Riga, thanks to the efforts of Fricis Štrauss, we have a new spot to skate and chill in the heart of Agenskalns rajon. Finally we have a decent USA style slanted red curb to learn all those slappie crooks and shit. To make this summer unforgettable,  make sure not to leave trash at the spot and try to behave, at least, like semi-decent people. Spray painting, “SKATE FAST EAT ASS(?)” on the asphalt is not even close to semi-decency. Don’t forget that the spot is build in a public park, so do not piss people off. Respect your surrounding and other park users.

As for MAY TOP 10.

Here it is. Enjoy! And don’t waste summer days. Go out and skate! Make some sick edits. And still even at this more relaxed time don’t forget to wash your hands and all.

Original clips
Intro – Artem Dance
10. Emilia Stoka – insta clip Riga
9. Valev – insta clip Parnu
8. Artis Strazdiņš – Insta clip Riga
7. Kristofers Ozols – Insta clip Riga
6. Andris and Rain – Insta clip Tallinn
5. Tim Prozorov – Insta clip Tallinn
4. Emilis Šm – Insta clip Amsterdam
3. Jaak Tanava – Insta clip Tallinn
2. Lukas Garbačauskas – Insta clip Berlin (?)
1. Madars Apse – Insta clip AMERIKA

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