R.USH HOUR ep.5 | Siim Sild

RajonTV followers may remember Siim Sild from Onko se…? and also from Project C. Siim was the author behind both of these videos. However, Siim is not as much a filmer/editor as he is a skater, and the fifth episode of R.USH HOUR will show you a glimpse of his skating.  Siim represents Estonia and  drove all way to Riga from Tallinn to film this clip.

beer shotgun

How long have you been skateboarding?
I started skating in March 2004, so exactly 15 years.

Vans & Surfhouse skateshop.

Favorite trick?
That’s a hard one, but it might be nollie bs heels right now, the one that got away this time ?.

Favorite obstacle?
Depends on how I’m feeling, some days it’s a miniramp and some other time it might just be a parking lot with some good flatground. I like to skate everything to be honest.

How did filming for R.USH HOUR go?
I didn’t know what to expect, because it was my first time skating the G-tiim park. I think it went well, I really liked the skatepark, so time flew really fast.

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