‘Straight Forward Podcast’ #1 – Artūrs Grīnbergs

Historically one of the biggest and best parts of skateboarding, apart from dressing like a skater, falling on your face and performing the act itself, was talking about skateboarding. To this day skaters all over the world sit down after a hefty sesh to spend hours on end talking about their favorite pros, why current trends suck and how it was better back in the day. Though sometimes these harmless discussions take a drastic U-turn to the ego land, where dudes elevate their personas by judging others who do not fall into their vision of what’s right, we still deeply appreciate moments when we can just talk about our favorite thing in the world.

And when you think of it, it really does feel good to be a skater after all. Especially when you have your peers to share stories with, talk and realize how much you have in common. Who would even care about how you started skating except other skaters? Yes, skaters care! Be it our friends, loose acquaintances or Nine Club’s very very very special guests, skate stories fascinate us simply because we can relate to them as we all went through more or less similar scenarios growing up.

So if you are the type of skater who likes to listen to stories (especially in the modern wrap of a podcast) you are probably going to enjoy this new local podcast by Straight Forward Skateboards (sorry friends it is only in Latvian at the moment).

Here is what Armands Baumanis, the host, had to say about it.

“Straight Forward Podcast” is a skateboarding broadcast where I invite a skateboarder to talk about life, skating and other important things. For now we are broadcasting in our native language but we have plans for foreign guests in the future. Guest picks 3 songs he wants to hear while we talk and answers my questions. We are open for ideas how to make it more interesting, also regarding guests – you are welcome to suggest a person you would like to hear on our podcast.

Next episode of the podcast is coming next week!  Folow Straight Forward Skateboards on Soundcloud or Youtube not to misss 


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