November 2019 LINKS

We ditched the links for a couple of months, but, since this months there are somethings to share, we are bringing them back.

First of all, we would like to send Happy Birthday wished to our good friends over at Commune DIY! They are the most dedicated, selfless and inspiring skateboarding organization in the Baltics. If you still somehow don’t know about Commune, be sure to check their page, or pay them a visit to see their work first hand. In a nutshell, Commune DIY is the biggest skate hub in the Baltics. By housing multiple organizations and brands under one roof, they managed to create a strong community that pushes skateboarding in Lithuania in a span of only five year. We wish all the best to Commune DIY and of course good health to everyone who is involved!

Lithuanian Fully Ghetto gang released their 2019 video which we posted recently. Also earlier this month the collective shared their Druskaninkai beach resort video. Good summer vibes in that one.

Our friend Aleksandr Hlabov (Sanya) put together a nice phone edit with him and his posse skating streets of Talllinn. A lot of familiar faces in this one.

Speaking of mixtapes Meelis Erm put together an edit of his indoor clips. It seems that he learns new moves everyday.

If you want to learn more about RajonTV, you can check out our recent promo video with Converse Latvia and an interview over at Chef Family website.

I haven’t seen anybody get hammered before/while playing football or any other traditional sport. This proves once again that skateboarding is not a sport. Check out HUJAKFLIP edit from Liepaja’s improvised indoor skate park.

Riga’s Pis Taisni (crew? gang? organization? life style?) are about to premiere their latest video offering — Pis Taisnak. The premiere is set on 7th of December at KKC, entrance from 20:45 – 21:00. See you all there.

This December we are going to celebrate New Years as well as the end of a decade. We are going to switch from 2010s to 2020s. Quatersnacks, the best skate blog in the world, made a list of most important parts and videos from 2010s. We strongly recommend to check it out.

To finish off, here is  a throwback to Tallinn crew from back in 2009. Samuel Oja does the cleanest ss flip in this one. A good inspiration! Have a nice December eceryone!


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