Thank you everyone for tagging RajonTV on insta and using #rajontop10. Helps a lot to find new clips. However, we still are looking mostly for street clips, and in this Top10 we managed to get all street features. We will probably switch to winter mode soon, so keep your clips coming.

One month left this year and we will be moving into a new crazy decade of Olympic skateboarding and a decade of  athleticism in skateboarding. However, if all of that Olympic stuff is run by people like Justinas Ivoška (The president of Lithuanian skateboarding Federation, who opens our top10 this month), than everything should be fine. 

Spoiler/ Original clips
Intro – Nils-Eerik Vesberg
10. Justinas Ivoška – Fully Ghetto Promo
9. Andis Vanadziņš – insta clip
8. Dovydas Jucys – Fully Ghetto Promo
7. Pavel Berezjuk – insta clip from Barca
6. Kelvinas Litvinas – insta line in London
5. Aleksandr Hlabov aka Sanya – Sayna Mixtape 8.0
4. Fricis Štrauss – insta clip from Spain
3. Rudolfs Rorbahs – insta teč.
2. Domantas Antanavicius – Fully Ghetto promo
1. Madars Apse – insta clip

New game of skate is coming tomorrow with

Fricis Štrauss and Kristofers Ozols.

Stay safe and remember that anything can happen when you least expect it.

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