December 2018 Links

This month Rajon Report edit features some legendary Latvian skateboarders. You can spot well-known faces such as Karlis Bogustovs skating in The Spot center, and Eduards Nehajenko skating in sunny New Zealand! Edit also features some of Riga’s most promising youngsters – Valters Luriņš, Kristers Kalniņš and Martiņš Reitups alongside their mentor Kristofers Ozols, who sent us the footage. Major shout out to Andžs, and Raul who sent us clips from sunny down under. The rest of the skaters in the edit are your same old locals: Ed Gaba, Kaspars Gobiņš, Kaspars Polis, Rudolfs Rorbahs, Arturs Nesaule, and Arturs Bogdanovičs.  

And now it is time to wrap up the last month of 2018.

Not much happened in December. Latvian skate scene was blessed with a Straightforward skateboards’ movie Pis Taisni. Which is definitely the video of the year in Latvia. Congrats to Armando for putting in the effort!

Our neighbours in Lithuania had a bit more video production going on this year. As you probably remember we had a Fully Ghetto video recently, which was rad. Also Lithuanian homies from No Hype  which is now dubbed Chess VLN premiered their new video Buried on 28th of December. It is not out yet, but promises to be sick as it features our favorite Vilnius skater – Kelvinas Litvinas. Pretty excited and looking forward to watch it. Maybe Chess guys will  come over to Riga to show their vid here?

Staying on that Lithuanian note. The Kablys Game of Skate, an obvious parody of RajonTV Game of Skate Championship, which is a parody of Battle at the Berrics, which is a parody of eS game of skate, which is a parody of simply skating flat, has just finished. In the finals Fully Ghetto Domantas had to play against Lithuanian late 2000s child prodigy Gytis Bliusvas. Gytis, an AOG (almost OG aka too young to be an OG but is soon to become one), showed some consistency against traditional timeless G tricks like nollie bs heels and nollie fs heels, but what Gytis was not ready for was Domantas’ 2015ish trendy sex changes. He sneaked them in between the regular tricks so noone could notice and Gytis was like: “WTF? We didn’t do that back when me and Arturas were killing da game at WB park!”. But Domantas didn’t care about that AOG stuff as soon as he had a chance he threw another sex change in the mix, this time with a one foot innit. Good thing all mighty shy judge asked him to re-do that shit and “Taisnība uzvarēja” as Latvians say. Gytis had his turn and he did what he did. Watch the whole game here!

Lithuanian Kablys Game of Skate is nice, but let’s be honest, those guys have no chance against Latvians in RajonTV Game of Skate Championship, pff not a single one! We just wraped up the second round and the following people are officially in the third round: Karlis Bogustovs, Niklavs Vetra, Kristaps Judris, Kaspars Polis, Miks Grantiņš, Emils Metlans, Rudolfs Rorbahs and Jevgenijs Kostirko.  The championship is going to continue first thing in January! Stay tuned! 

December is the time to put out some stacked summer clips. Here is a summer edit from Aivo Jeez (?) with a nice pop tune and familiar Estonian faces. There is also a funky video of the Surf House skateshop team skating in a warehouse. Be carefull with that forklift guys!

To wrap up December 2018 links we bring you the latest video offereing from BrokeLads. Our good friend Klavs Laivenieks has spent his holidays skating and filming around the streets of warm and friendly Malaga and here is the result – Mañana video! In Spanish mañana means tomorrow, which is like a joke among Spaniards who are though of leaving work for tomorrow. Also Mañana is a dope bar in Malaga, run by a Latvian family with our homies Rob and Edgar in charge. BrokeLads have probably spent quite some time in Mañana bar.

Keep it safe everybody! Be wise, don’t mix drinks and Happy 2019!

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