RAJONTV Top 10 – October 2018

Winter is getting closer, so most probably this is the final top 10 with only street clips; unless you guys start to unveil your secret footy stacks, we will have to move to indoor clips soon. Let’s hope you have something stacked. Also Madars’ part in PEACE was nuts, and it is too good for our shitty top 10. It holds the first place as the top achievement of the whole Baltic skate scene’s collective existence. So no tricks from that part, it is too good, we shouldn’t touch it plus it didn’t come out officially. Pornhub doesn’t count. Let’s just hope that one day we will catch Madars and film a commentary video, where he will tell about the part. Because seriously, that part was amazing and deserves some special attention. read more

RAJONTV Top 10 – September 2018

With a minor exception of two sneaky Estonian homies and a-long-rail-grinding Lithuanian, this month’s top ten consists mostly of Latvian skaters, which makes us exceptionally proud this month. Just kidding.

We can’t see everything that goes down in the Baltics, so if you have some hints or clips of yourslef shredding in the streets, send them to rajontv instagram page or tag @rajontv you guys know how this shit works!

#RAJONTOP10 – August 2018

One clip from Lithuania, four clips from Latvia, the rest is Estonians leading the freaking game with friendly Satan Aleksandr in the lead!Β We could have posted only clips of Aleksandr in this month top 10. He was on a path of destruction during King of Tallinn event. 100% MVP! If you would like your clips to appear in #RAJONTOP10 make sure we see them, put a hashtag #rajontop10 or tag @rajontv, make sure it is filmed in the streets (or DIY spots) and make sure you are from the Baltic states. September is here and from what we have heard it is going to be warm, so get those last minute clips! read more