Spring came early this year which made February top 10 slightly problematic. On the one hand, dudes are skating outside and post top 10 worthy shit, on the other hand it is still winter and there are some indoor clips waiting for attention as well. So, it was a hard decision, but since it is a February top 10 we selected only winter related clips from indoors and etc. It already looks like March top will be more about outside skating, so this is probably the last indoor park related top 10 till next winter.

Original clips:  

0. intro – @donksqwad 
10. wallride body varial – @ogjuice
9. line at gtiim – @niklavsvetra
8. bs flip at the spot – @martinsreitups 
7. late shove at g-tiim – @rudiskarlis
6. nollie fs crook at spot of tallinn – @timprozorov
5. kickflip rail + bs nosegrind 180 – @domantas_ant
4. darkslide – @eiziuk
3. crooked grind zamut – @gintsfrinde
2. heelflip trash can – @deividas_bark
1. real winter sk8erboi – @mr.armandos

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