RAJONTV Top 10 – September 2018

With a minor exception of two sneaky Estonian homies and a-long-rail-grinding Lithuanian, this month’s top ten consists mostly of Latvian skaters, which makes us exceptionally proud this month. Just kidding.

We can’t see everything that goes down in the Baltics, so if you have some hints or clips of yourslef shredding in the streets, send them to rajontv instagram page or tag @rajontv you guys know how this shit works!

#RAJONTOP10 – July 2018

RAJONTV best clips of the month! A countdown of clips and tricks we enjoyed the most this month. Going to feature only skaters from the Baltic states and only street clips.¬†We will try to post these every month, if ou guys give us more material to work with it may happen more often ūüôā so go film some and post it where we can see it. Add this thin —> #rajontop10¬†might help!¬†And yes,¬†we did steal the concept from¬†Quartersnacks.¬†¬†

Original clips: 
10. Jucys
9. Pavel
8. Meelis
7. Kristo Oismests
6. Domantas
5. Fricis 
4. Edijs
3. Enric
2. Rudolfs
1. Madars  read more