Days are getting shorter and we have less time to skate outside, but still got plenty of good skating coming out from everyone in the Baltics. Let’s hope we can a full street top 10 next month!

Spoiler/ Original clips
Intro – Anton chess hippy jump (for the second month Anton supplies us with intros for Top 10s)
10. Linards Viksniņš – he did everything he cold down these stairs, but we choose the most unusual one.
9. Karlis Bogustovs – line in London
8. Meelis Erm – Long ass SEB line
7. Domantas – Flip noseslide on a tall ledge in Kaunas
6. Siim Sild – Krooks nollie heel
5. Tim Prozorov – Back noseblunt fakie in Tallinn
4. Miks Grantiņš – Manny at BARAX in Riga
3. Andrejs Poikans  – boardslide at Rainis 2.0 monument in Riga via Vanya Proshin
2. Fricis Štrauss – Noseslide to 5-0 in Copenhagen
1. Kelvinas Litvinas – Bs tail that fuckn curb at Kudirka in Vilnius



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