Summer 2019 is over and we at Rajon hope that you guys didn’t waste it. Most of August clips are from Estonia, and if it wasn’t for King of Tallinn this top 10 might have been a bit shorter. The feed during the last days of August was full of clips from Tallinn and especially the Viru stairs. August top 10 could have easily been dedicated fully to KOT, but we wanted to feature a bit more people. So only the best tricks from King of Tallinn made the cut (at least the best ones we saw).

We also changed the intro of top 10 (Thank you Niklavs V.). Feel free to express your feelings about that in the comments somewhere. Big shout out to everyone who keeps shredding no matter what. Peace!

You can tag @rajontv on insta or send your clips to us somehow, in case you want to be featured in future top 10s.


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