Two young gents – Niklavs Vetra and Hugo Berziņš battle it out on the most exquisite arena in Riga, the Spot Center.  Everything is perfect: it is warm in the park, there is no one in their way and the flat doesn’t slide. Not to mention that they are both young and talented dudes, they can do anything they want. Especially Niklavs! You saw his game in the first round, it was bonkers. Niklavs’ trick selection is outside the average tricks: he adds extra spins, late flips and pops his tricks higher than required. Hoever, there are these days – the days when you can’t do shit! That day when we filmed this game was just like that. read more

R LIKES: Krazy Frankie

Frog skateboards can seem a bit weird. The graphics look like they have been drawn by children, the edits are always set to weird music and filmed on whatever camera was available, and the name of the company: Frog skateboards? Wtf? However, on the other hand, isn’t skateboarding all about freedom, creativity and self expresion? They say you can do whatever you want on a skateboard, but how many companies actually do that? Most brands follow the rules, trends and try to look cool. Well these guys offer an alternative. read more

“Next year!” NOVEMBER 2018 LINKS

November is the month of transition into winter. In the beginning of the month we were still skating outside, and now it is so cold that even the Tunnel™is a bit extreme. Our November report, which you can watch above, shows this transition pretty well: last LNB sessions with an unfinished line left for next year, Fricis skating in Stockholm’s parking lots and subways, and Riga heads skating G-Tiim indoor while it is snowing outside. The odd one out here is Pavel with a line from Barcelona, fucker skates in a T-Shirt and is completely indifferent to our meteorological struggles. Well good for him. read more


Round two of the game of skate championship is here! Tunnel™ enthusiast Roberts Krums is playing against a man of thousand words — Emils Metlans. The guys were the only brave contestants who wanted to play in the Tunnel™, other refused or just didn’t show up. No one blames them, as Tunnel™ is not the most chill place to skate. However, back in the day dudes used to skate in this Tunnel™ every winter, and they were lucky. Others had wait for -10° because then you were sure it was dry outside. Times were rough unlike nowadays! read more

#lvskatenostalgia: Latvians at Big 4

Barcelona’s Macba Big 4 used to be one of the most famous gaps in the world. Its convenient location, no bust, appearance in countless videos, virtually unlimited run-up and roll-away made it into an iconic world-famous spot. Back in the 2000s Barcelona was the main destination for filming trips, and Big 4 was an obligatory visit. Spot wise it was basically a very good-looking drop, and back then drops and gaps were very important. People filmed there a lot, and Big 4 appeared almost in every video Pros were eager to show off their sack capacities, and Macba Big 4 was one of the finest places to do it. read more