Photos by Aivo Jeez
Words by Ed Gaba

Skate contests can be boring, skate contests can be too serious, and sometimes they are in the middle where fun and good times meet, where sporty attitude steps aside and party kicks in. For us Viljandi Bash was something like that. An action packed two-day contest that brought together all of the Baltics as well as Finnish crowd. It felt more like a festival rather than a contest! There was always something to do, some extra activities to get your tipsy body to. On Friday Viljandi Bash opened with a game of skate, which took place on a street next to a pre-party club. That game of skate alone was a perfectly fine reason to visit Viljandi that weekend. read more

June Links

Cover Photo: Kelvinas Litvinas by Rūstusis Brokolis
Words: Edvard Gaba

Links got lost in the hype. The weather in May was so good, and the swimming season was opened way before it normally is. Not much time to write posts during that time, but yeah links are back. We will try to sum up very important  Baltic skate scene events that happened recently.

June started with a wave of inspirational stuff. Thanks to Madars Apse, who brought his pro skater homies to our forgotten land. His crew, consisting of Josef Scott Jatta, Nick Garcia, Gosha Konyshev and Pat Duffy, went loose around Latvia visiting cities, and skating street. Madars also organized a session at Ventspills water park. The last spot was in Riga at Latvian National Library. Locals went crazy and destroyed the library rail.  Full report is coming some time soon. read more