RAJONTV Top 10 – September 2018

With a minor exception of two sneaky Estonian homies and a-long-rail-grinding Lithuanian, this month’s top ten consists mostly of Latvian skaters, which makes us exceptionally proud this month. Just kidding.

We can’t see everything that goes down in the Baltics, so if you have some hints or clips of yourslef shredding in the streets, send them to rajontv instagram page or tag @rajontv you guys know how this shit works!

Original clips: 

Chris Cole S/o to straightforward skateboards
Fricis Štrauss taildrop manual into cobblestone role away
Meelis Erm 50 nosemanual down the stars from Pernova 2
Inguna Skujiņa drop in on a ledge to drop
Kaspars Polis hardflip. Kaspars had the first game in the Game of Skate Championship 2
Mikk Eeskivi line in Pernova 2 video and ss bs flip down three blocks in Parnu.
Madars Apse wallies over a hubba. We had a lot of clips from Madars this month it was hard to choose
Pavel with a line in Spain. Rajon OG
Rokas Ignotas 50-50
Niklavs Vetra with a kickflip in Berlin.
Dimon Deda with his timeless moves. This clip is posted in Fully Ghetto gang insta, doe it mean Deda is getting on the team?



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