Huge shout out to all participants of January top 10 contest! This month we collaborated with Temps Mort the best skate bag brand out there (not even slightly kidding here). Temps Mort bags are hand-made in Riga, and perfectly suit the needs of skateboarders living in colder weather zones, like all of us. Your board and shoes will be perfectly dry in this good-looking stylish bag. The product is made by skateboarders and for skateboarders, and Temps Mort is going to give one out for the best trick in this month top 10.

You guys worked hard and we have received a whole bunch of clips from you, actually way more than we have expected, so thank oyu all. Latvians were the most active, Estonians were active too, Siim Sild and Mikk Eeskivi both had double submissions which is sick (maybe they were submitting to the next month already). However, the ones who left us hanging were the Lithuanians. You guys are like too cool for this shit? Okay, okay we had some Lithuanian homies, but, dudes didn’t follow the rules of submission: you had to tag @rajontv and @tempsmortskateboarding in you posts, next time do it right!

It was a bit hard to decided which tricks to include and which to leave out, but the committee has spoken, and here are the results.

Rajon Top 10 will continue next month as well, although, we don’t know exactly what are we going to give away for prizes, one thing is clear – if you want you tricks to appear, let us know by tagging or using the hash tag #rajontop10! Baltic skaters unite and take over!  

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