Winter is here, and while most of us rush to shred our beloved wooden grindboxes indoors, others migrate to warmer locations to check out world class spots and sunny days. As a result we have a bunch of sunny clips from other parts of the world in October Top10 2019. We have Stalin plaza and Macba in the same top with LNB and Latvian Art Museum. Surprisingly a not so bad looking blend. Enjoy!

Spoiler/ Original clips
Intro – Kernius cardboard surfing from Baby Sharks video
10. Kristofers Ozols – Riga Sprong by Vanya Paroshin
9. Egbert Pahomov – insta clip from Prague
8. Andrejs Poikans – insta line at LNB
7. Rudolfs Rorbahs – insta line in somewhere in Greece
6. Vilius Jagminas – Line from Baby Sharks video
5. Leon Ruppert – 50 one foot in Riga
4. Fricis Štrauss – Macba cruise
3. Kernius Trakimas – Kickflip in Barcelona from Baby Sharks
2. Kelvinas Litvinas – Line in Barcelona from Baby Sharks
1. Gints Frinde – FS board over the stopper in Saldus?


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