I clearly remember three years ago skating in Gtiims in April and early May because it was always raining. This year April is so hot we are catching tan and fully skating outside filming street clips. It is definitely global warming; however,  at least we are going to die after enjoying good weather.

For this month top 10 we finally gathered only street clips from our Baltic friends. Okay, in two clips skaters use some skatepark obstacles, but they skate them in the streets, or end up in the street after skating them (it will be clearer after watching).

Spoiler/ Original clips
Intro – Magician Madars 10. Henro – Nose wheely early grab. 9. Rimvydas Baranauskas – Line at Kudirka with a lot of hype from friends 8. Meelis Erm – Line at a dope plaza in Parnu. 7. Kristofer Ozols – Boardslide somewhere 6. Domantas Antanavicius – 50 bs180 + 50 5. Pavel Spank Berezjuk – bs flip into that famous Barcelona bank 4. Kelvinas – Ollie over some letters 3. Siim Sild – tailslide to ss crooks 2. Fricis Štrauss – fs 180 over a fence (kinda not a street clip but too cool not to use) 1. Madars – flying over Ray Barbee

If you are convinced your clips must make the cut, please make sure they reach RajonTV. Send a DM or use #rajontop10 and make sure it is filmed outside in the streets not skateparks (at least till next winter).

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