This month was a tough one! We hoped to see more street clips and ended up making a full Top 10 almost completely out of indoor clips. Most certain that this is the last time we see indoor clips in a top 10. However, it all depends from you guys. Give us some shit to work with. Stay safe and enjoy the early spring days.

Spoiler/ Original clips
Intro – Meelis impliying that it is time to get out of indoors.
10. Martīņš Reitups – 270 spin sllide out
9. Kristers – Bs 360
8. Meelis Erm – 5-0 flip out at Raba
7. Andrejs Poikans – baggy line at Gtiim
6. Siim Sild – heel flips ss nad regs in Tallinn
5. Niki – At Boga’s contest at the Spot center
4. Domantas – skating his local drop
3. Žygimantas Rudys – Doing his thing
2. Kaspars Gobiņš – ss tre. For some reason he couldn’t make it at Unreal
1. Armands Baumanis – blunt 360 shove on a DIY quarter at the Barix. posted on 1 of March 😀

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