#RAJONTOP10 – November 2018

Here at RajonTV office we back full length videos 100%! Your trendy instagram clips and pigeon dick sized edits are cool an all, but fuck them! Full length is where it is all at. Did you notice how many full length videos came out this year? Well, Converse – Purple, Quasi – Mother, Etnies – Album, Fountation – Souvenir, Polar – We Blew It, Element – Peace, GX1000 – Roll Up, Girl – Doll, Bronze56K – It’s time, Supreme – Blessed etc. This only proves that full video are making a greater impact and should be produced. Full length videos have longevity and are generally more interesting to watch.  When friends release a video we are stocked and FULLY support that!

So for this month’s top ten we pay a tribute to Fully Ghetto Gang and their latest video “Needle in the Heist“. This is a Fully Ghetto edition! Video had many dope tricks and it was hard to include everyone, but here are some tricks that stocked us out during the premiere in Riga! 

We are giving a Rajon T-Shirt to Deividas Barkauskas for stomping that heelflip which got him the first place in the top!

Next month probably going to run an indoor edition, it is quite cold outside for skateboarding, also stay tuned for the game of skate tomorrow. Have a dope friday everyone


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