Spring came early this year which made February top 10 slightly problematic. On the one hand, dudes are skating outside and post top 10 worthy shit, on the other hand it is still winter and there are some indoor clips waiting for attention as well. So, it was a hard decision, but since it is a February top 10 we selected only winter related clips from indoors and etc. It already looks like March top will be more about outside skating, so this is probably the last indoor park related top 10 till next winter. read more


Two young gents – Niklavs Vetra and Hugo Berziņš battle it out on the most exquisite arena in Riga, the Spot Center.  Everything is perfect: it is warm in the park, there is no one in their way and the flat doesn’t slide. Not to mention that they are both young and talented dudes, they can do anything they want. Especially Niklavs! You saw his game in the first round, it was bonkers. Niklavs’ trick selection is outside the average tricks: he adds extra spins, late flips and pops his tricks higher than required. Hoever, there are these days – the days when you can’t do shit! That day when we filmed this game was just like that. read more