January LINKS 2023

First month of 2023 is over and for the first month we already had an active start into the year. Although it’s been a bit slow for RajonTV media team, we are excited to catch up!

Big Mac Destroyer stated a video series called “Takeover” at Spot Center. Basically these are short individual parts of skaters skating at spot. The twist is that it is only yougsters. No old heads. So far there were episodes with Patriks Sakovičs, Sasha, Ilja, Leo, and Rūta. As far as we know there’s 10+ episodes planned! Keep them coming!

Speaking of Spot, shout out to everybody who showed up to Miskastes Jam! It was really nice to see you all fly around. Special thank you to the Spot Centre, Tikari skateshop and Fricis for building the mini trashcan, which is still there and you can go skate it. Looking forward to your clips over it.

Mr. Boga was Tripping in 2022 and made an exhibition about it at MDarbnica. If you missed the official opening party (we didn’t), then you can still check out the exhibition till 7th of February. Also, check Boga’s recap from the event.

Don’t know who’s getting SOTY, but the best actor award goes to Fricis for his performance in the Opera wheels ad by Rudolfs Henčels. Best supporting actor got to be Deda. And in case you missed it, Opera wheels is a new local wheel company created by Maksims Feofilovs that was announced recently. More about Opera coming this week on rajontv.com.

Rudolfs Henčels also released his Kuramo Voyage: Stranger Scenes video. A behind the scenes look at our summer trip. Everything that went down behind the scenes at late night evenings. 18+ content. Shout out to Rudolfs for documenting all of this mayhem.

Riga skate spot scene lost another one. The Piena aka bomžu park ledges disappeared after a two years of keeping skaters busy. Not a surprising faith for a DIY spot though. 

Turning to the industry news (lol). After 10 years of partnership, Niklavs Vetra no longer rides for Clockwise skateshop. He’s a free agent, so somebody hit him up. Crazy.

In some important Baltech news. Andris Kaldvee did a nollie heel crooks really well in the new Rainer Kaur edit.

There are rumors that Isolator Madness 2 is coming sooner than you think. Approximate dates are set on the end of March.

That’s gonna be it for now! Peace.

Quote of the month:
A 30 year-old after battling a 360 flip of a kicker for an hour: “I feel like I just had sex: tired, beaten up, and disappointed

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