Chillin on the Roof

A few weeks back the pearls of #latvianskateboarding gathered on a roof for Madars Apse’s skate arcade finals. The event seemed huge. First, there were dudes with cranes filming it so that homies could watch everything live at home. Might be an NBD in Latvia. Second, there was a big screen installed in the middle of the course where they’d broadcast instant replays in slow motion as well as judge’s scores. All street league nerds shat fire emojis when they saw that. Third, the location was top notch and a gorgeous sun set added extra romance to the event.

On the flip side, it is worth mentioning that the second host that was backing Madars on the mic wasn’t too much educated in all things skateboarding. Witnesses reported that they had to turn the volume down and continue watching in silence, as the commenting was intolerable. This just proves once again that not every person wearing Vans can host a skateboarding event.

Big thank you and shout out to Madars Apse for once again making something memorable for our community. The whole experience of MadArcade with all the filming clips and stuff was really enjoyable and funny. Hope we will have something like this again.

We had a 7 Mega Pixels report on insta already and here’s a little VX edit too mainly from the second half of the event. Rudik CHAMP!

Keep it real!

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