Skaters Talk About Their Favorite Shoes

We asked our mates to talk about their favorite shoes from past and present. Surprisingly, a lot of people didn’t have much to say about shoes. That probably shows that Baltic skaters in general are not very opinionated when it comes to shoes. Most are happy to skate in anything they get. Doesn’t mean of course that having preferences is a bad or something. But also shows that our overall mentality is not as much gear centered over here. Well, at least yet. 

The guys we got here have some opinions and/or good stories about shoes they skated.  We got four reviews in English with two bonus ones in Latvian. The Latvian texts were so good, we decided to leave them as they are without translation.

So without further a do, dive into the Baltic skate shoes discussion.

Raul Urberg

I only started to pay attention to the details of skate shoes, trucks, boards etc. a few years ago. Before that I just thought I can’t skate anymore when I had weird feeling gear. Turned out there’s products that suit me better than others.

Nike SB Blazer Mid XT
I had them in cream with white sole. The last pair of shoes I bought in Australia. They have a really good choice of skate stuff over there. You can always get what you want. The first pair of shoes I knew I had to get again, and luckily SurfHouse had them when I got back to Estonia. I like light colored shoes, and these felt really good. Mid shoes are also good because you can get them evenly tight around your foot. Also the board feel was good and the flex was ok. Nightmare to put on though.

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