We could have gone to college

Boga has been on a pro lifestyle spree lately, and we can finally see what he has been up to. On one of his many travels, Boga joined filmer Nick Heurberger and his crew on a 6 day trip in Switzeralnd. “We could have gone to college” is the result of that trip with Boga on photos and heel backtails.

The video came out with Boga’s photo zine that we hope we’ll get a chance to see in Riga. Also, we hope these guys won’t regret not going to college in the future ;). You know you need a back up plan and all that.

Featuring: Jan Hirt, Arturs Bogdanovics, Noel Schärer, Ramon Notz, Mika Möller, Pieter De Clus, Manuel Schürch.


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