#RAJONTOP10 – MAY 2021

Summer’s outside, the birds are signing, the asphalt is warm, the spots are plenty and Linards is Pro. What else do you need? Definitely not a Top 10, but here it is regardless.

May was too good of a month not to cover. Starting from the intro and till the end, every clip is gold. We got some new Eesti blood in this one and some clips from local Barcelona video “Like A Horse” which was made by a Latvian mate, Klavs Laivenieks. Also, a glimps and Rome and PLA Hood.

Enjoy the top and see you soon in the streets.

Original clips
10. Emīls Vētra – insta part
9. Grisha Barbashin – insta clip
8. Edijs Plume – Insta clip
7. Deividas Barkauskas – insta clip
6. Trevor Tenson – insta clip
5. Egbert Pahomov – insta clip
4. Pavel Berzjuk – “Like a Horse” by Klavs Laivenieks
3. Levs Be – insta clip
2. Arturs Bogdanovičs – insta clip
1. Fricis Štrauss – “Like a Horse” by Klavs Laivenieks

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